Erotic candles , priceless!

Entertaiment, of course!
October 7, 2019
Dicks With Wicks penis candle largest distributor will be at Taboo Show Calgary
October 22, 2019
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Erotic candles , priceless!

Yesterday I went to visit a friend that I didn’t see for a long time.I really had a hard time deciding what gift to bring her. It was her 40th Bday so I decided that a gift basket full of penis shaped dick candles, seemed like a great idea to bring her instead of the flowers or other common gifts…and I was brave enough to do it to the most unlikely member of my friend circle. It was a brave move, but the one well worth doing.

Her first reaction was when she saw my beautiful gift basket, full of erotic candles was priceless! Blushing then laughing out loud, nearly screaming when she saw a penis shaped candles in the gift basket, sticking its head out just slightly.

“Happy Birthday” I said, “our night is only just beginning” …and I was right . Our conversation went from a simple small talk to much more tickling subject such as intimacy, sexuality etc.

My normally shy friend really opened up and that was really great to see…and this was just one side of her! With many holidays approaching I know that my penis, dick candle gift idea is number one on my list this season . Candle shaped like a penis is one gift that will not disappoint! It’s a gift that will bring a lot of laughter, giggles, interesting conversations, and who know what else for many years to come.